Dell: Crafted

The idea of featuring the lightness and portability of dell’s latest small size laptop evolved around the creation of a refined sculptural piece that had to feel purposeful in the sense that every piece from the smallest screw on a circuit board to the bigger pieces like the laptop’s screen had to be formed and placed in context to the laptop’s overall design. Retaining an elegant, sculptural quality in which the individual pieces are being formed and molded was crucial in communicating the aspect of human involvement and establishing a synergy between art & technology.  Jens Mebes


Client: Dell
Spot: Crafted
Production Company: PSYOP / Mass Market
Director: Jens Mebes
Visual effects company: Mass Market
Executive Producer: Angela Bowen
Producer: Katie Boote
Creative Director: Jens Mebes
Lead Artist: Christopher Bonnstetter “Pink”
3S Artist: Aldrich Torres, Yuheng Chiang, Rick Walia, Tehmina Beg, Eric Lampi, George Smaragis, Piotr Glabinski
Flame Operators: Jamie Scott, Hyunjeen Lee, Aska Otake
Design: Sarah Orenstein
Storyboards: Glenn Urieta

Date: 2012 Client: Dell Responsibilities: Lighting